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Passive Optics

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Project Management

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Fiber Optics OSP

Tetra Engineering

Project Management

Project Management & Quality Control Department

What is a project? It's a temporary endeavor undertaken to create a Unique product, service or result.

We have developed a Project Management Office at ASTC that is specifically dedicated to ensuring compliance with all PM processes, policies and methods. The office reports on project activities, problems and requirements to executive management as a strategic tool in keeping implementers and decision-makers moving toward consistent, business or mission-focused goals and objectives.

We follow complete Project Management Process, including initiating, planning, executing, monitoring/controlling and closing as per the standard guidelines of PMI (PMBOK Guide). We have dedicated project managers in each area of our operation managing and reporting the project activities to ASTC PMO office.

We also provide and ensure Quality Assurance and Quality Control services. Our highly-experienced QC and QA teams ensure that all activities, including reports and drawings, are as per the contract / project specifications. All requirements of QC and QA are defined for the procurement and execution of projects. ASTC QC/QA process begins from the moment of sign-off to handing over, such as the process of inspection and testing of incoming raw materials, processing materials and finished products.

All employees are aware of each project’s QC/QA requirements and strictly adhere to them, which is evidenced by the periodic conformance audits. ASTC Safety & Loss Prevention Program is committed to the prevention of accidents and minimizing loss of life or bodily injury to its employees and damage to its physical assets. In fulfilling this commitment, we provide and maintain a safe and healthy work environment while protecting the public against any possible hazards in the workspace.

Shaping & Defining The Future Of Business

Telecom Department

ASTC strives to retain its leading position in the Telecom Sector and continuously expands its service footprint on the industry. Our telecom solutions go beyond the basic telecom segment and even cover complete, high-end turnkey services for projects, including: planning and designing services, supply services, install and commission services, testing services, and final acceptance services. We also provide turnkey services in the areas of civil works, power, electromechanical works, site acquisition and site surveys.

Our telecom department is comprised of the following divisions:

Our Fiber Optics Division offers both ISP and OSP services, and has end-to-end capabilities that include the entire spectrum of services from the initial design and engineering, to all aspects of construction of a fiber optic network. Our team is specialized in planning, designing,
and preparing high and low level designs and implementation of Long Haul SDH, DWDM networks.

Our Wireless Services Division provides a wide range of services in the areas of engineering and design of radio networks, and cover technologies such as microwave, TETRA and VSAT. We provide end-to-end solutions to our clients from preparation of design, to install/commission and testing.

Our Tactical Communication Services Division provides solutions for battlefield communications and enable armed forces to fulfill their needs in harsh environments especially where no infrastructure is available. We cover technologies such as tactical radios (HF/VHF/UHF), tactical exchanges/switches, tactical routers and switches and C4I systems.

Our Managed Services Division provides complete solutions in the areas of maintenance, operation and managed services. Our experienced team has a strong background in managed services at level 1 and level 2 support.

Safely & Securely

IT Network Department

Connecting Your Business To The World Safely & Securely. The IT Network Department is data communication and application development arm of ASTC established in 2007 with the explicit vision of emerging as the largest IT service provider in Saudi Arabia. Out IT department offer services in the areas of software development, software engineering, and database development, as well as in IT network routing and switching, network security, service provides and data centers.

Our IT department is comprised of the following divisions:

Our software development division provides a wide range of services in the areas of spatial infrastructure development (SDI), geographic data and metadata, registry solutions, database backend and frontend design. We cover all aspects from software engineering/architecture, requirement analysis, design and software application development and software testing. Our experienced team is comprised of software engineers, designers and programmers. Additionally, we are proud to work with our sister company, Glades Co. to be able to provide our clients with open standard registry services products

Our IT Network Division provides a diverse array of services, including routing and switching, network security, service providers and data centers. We cover all aspects from planning and designing, preparing high and low level design, installation, commissioning, testing and final acceptance. We also provide services for installation, testing and commission passive network components. Our team is our greatest strength and is comprised of CCIE professionals in each area of operation.